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Call# RC326 .A415 1971
Summary American Journal of Mental Deficiency
Volume 76 , No. 3 , pp. 275-388 November 1971

Discrimination Learning in Retarded and Nonretarded Children as a Function of Task Difficulty and Social Susan Harter, Lynn Brown, and Edward Zigler...275.

Territorial Behavior as an Indicator of Changes in Clinical Behavioral Condition of Severely Retarded Robert J. Paluck and Aristide H. Esser...284.

A Longitudinal Study of Exceptional Cognitive Development in a Partial Translocation Down's Syndrome C.J. Rosecrans...290.

Use of Operant Techniques for the Modification of Self-injurious Behavior by: Susan R. Smolev...295.

Types of Verbal Elaboration in the Paired Associate Performance of Educable Mentally Retarded Children by: James E. Turnure....306

Use of the von Restorff Effect to Condition Rehearsal in Retarded Children by: J. Walter Jacobs and Donald P. Foshee...313.

Self-mutilative Behavior in the Cornelia de Lange Syndrome by: Yvonne Bryson, Nadia Sakati, William L.Nyhan, and Charles H. Fish...319.

Popularity, Rebelliousness, and Happiness among Institutionalized Retarded Males by: Carol Pandey...325.

The Orienting Reflex in Intellectually Averange and Retarded Children to a Relevant and an Irrelevant Stimules by: Luke S. Elliott, Jr. and John T. Johnson, Jr...332.

Response-Chain Learning of Mentally Retarded Adolescents under Four Conditious of Reinforcement by: Larry W. Talkington...337.

Psychophysical Sealing of Brightness and Shape Dimensions in Mentally Retarded Persons by: Harvey N. Switzky...341.

Deviation Social Quotients for the Vineland Social Maturity Scale by: Arthur B. Silverstein...348.

Utility of Three Behavioral Indices for Studying Severely and Profoundly Retarded Children by: James M. Gardner and Franklyn L. Giampa...352.

Visual Search, Stimulus Density, and Subnormal Intelligence by: J.P. Das...357.

Information Determinants of Social Reinforcement Effectiveness among Retarded Children by: Robert B. Cairns and Scott G. Paris...362.

Reduction Diets and Aggression in Institutionalized Mentally Retarded Patients by: Larry W. Talkington and Jim B. Riley...370.

A Preliminary Study of Self-Help Skills and Age in Hospitalized Down's Syndrome Patients by: Robert T. Ross...373.

Long-Term Retention of Self-Help Skill Training in the Profoudly Retarded by: Thomas S. Ball, Kathy Seria, and Lawrence E. Payne...378.

''Behavior Modification in Mental Retardation: The Education and Rehabilitation of the Mentally Retarded Adolescent and Adult,'' by W.I. Gardner, reviewed by John M. Throne...383.

''Diminished People: Problems and Care of the Mentally Retarded,'' edited by: N.R. Bernstein, reviewed by: Clifford J. Drew...384.

''An Introduction to Psychopharmacology,'' by: R.H. Rech and K.E Moore, reviewed by Robert L. Sprague...385.

''Process in Medical Genetics, Volume VH,'' by: A.G. Steinberg and A.G. Bearn reviewed by: Irving Mauer...386


H. Carl Haywood
Associate Editors:
Alfred A Baumeister
Micheal J. Begab
Hertber J. Grossman
C.Edward Meyers
Donald J. Stedman
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J.M Belmont
H.G. Birch
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BookReview Editor:
Irv Bialer
Object Name Journal
Author American Association on Mental Deficiency
Subjects Medical
Title American Journal of Mental Deficiency
Published Date 1971
Catalog Number 2008.277.160